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6.8 x 45-mm UCC GI 30 Round Aluminum Magazines

Our thirty round aluminum magazines are made to military grade specifications and have standard military green followers and springs. These magazines are well marked with the caliber stamped in both sides of the magazine and are laser etched on the left side for easy identification to avoid confusion with standard 223 / 5.56-mm magazines. During our testing these magazines functioned normally with 223 / 5.56 ammunition.

6.8 x 45-mm UCC Internally Modified Magpul 30 round Gen 3 P-Mag Magazines

In our quest for a quality polymer magazine for this new cartridge we were unable to find any that would function reliably without modification so we designed a broaching tool that would modify a standard Magpul P-Mag. Our thirty round Magpul P-Mags have been broached on the interior to remove approximately half of the height of the inside rail that comes in contact with the neck of the cartridge to allow the magazine to function correctly with the larger diameter neck of the 6.8 x 45-mm cartridge. If you already own P-Mags you can modify them yourself by removing the floor plate and using a file or other tool to remove some of the guide rail as we have done. Be careful not to remove too much material and only remove enough material so that the bullet tip is centered in the channel on the front inside of the magazine. In our testing we were still able to use 223 / 5.56 ammunition in these modified magazines without any feeding issues.

Note: our modified P-Mags have been laser etched for easy identification by the shooter.

Surefire 60 Round Magazines

Although we do not sell these magazines on our website, during our testing these magazines functioned normally with the 6.8 x 45 UCC cartridges, when loaded they are quite heavy, we have not evaluated the 100 round magazine.