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6.8 x 45-mm Urban Combat Cartridge

The 6.8 x 45-mm UCC uses the 223 Remington as its parent case, slightly modified (reformed) to accept the larger projectile. As such is uses the same bolt as the 223 / 5.56-mm caliber weapons. The 6.8 x 45 UCC also uses the same head space gauge as the 223 Remington cartridge.

Reloading the 6.8 x 45-mm UCC

The 6.8 x 45-mm UCC was designed as a “Cost Effective Performance Upgrade” for professional users of the AR15 / M16 weapon system. Developing the cartridge to reach its intended performance criteria was the first priority and making it desirable to those who reload was a secondary consideration. During development it was obvious the options for those individuals wanting to reload the cartridge would be very limited and that no combination of components available on the commercial market would match the performance of factory ammunition.

Those interested in reloading this cartridge should understand that the reloading data, when made available, will operate and cycle the rifle in a normal fashion but "WILL NOT" produce the same velocity as factory ammunition. Reloading will provide a good economical training and practice round. Due to the length of the cartridge case only projectiles of 110 to 115 grains will work within the 2.260”overall length of the loaded cartridge, and some 110 grain projectiles with the long pointed secant profile will also not work in the cartridge. Reloading dies will be made available soon.