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Detailed Ballistic Comparison Tables

These ballistic comparisons are offered for those shooters interested in the down range ballistic performance of the cartridges most commonly chambered in the AR15/M16/M4 weapon system but do not have access to a ballistic program and have never seen this data. For those shooters who have their own ballistic programs, the environmental conditions used for these tests and comparisons are provided below and represent a spring day outside Las Vegas. This data is provided as a reference only.

Remember there is no magic bullet that will work in every situation every time, and there is no substitute for good shot placement, proper and frequent training (shooting is a perishable skill).

5.56 NATO (M4) 14.5” vs 7.62x39 (AK) 16”

This comparison is offered to see the muzzle energy difference between the current issue military M4 carbine with its 14.5” inch barrel, and the weapon and load our war fighters and law enforcement officers are most often confronted with, the 16” inch barreled AK-47.

6.8x45 UCC 10.5” vs 5.56 NATO 10.5”

This comparison is offered for those individuals who use a 10.5” inch barreled carbine for CQB/CQC operations to show the major advantage in muzzle energy available from this new cartridge. You no longer have to give up performance just because you deploy a short barreled carbine.

6.8x45 UCC 10.5” vs 5.56 NAT(M16A4) 20"

This comparison is offered to show that even with a short barrel; the 6.8 x 45-mm UCC still has more muzzle energy than a 20 inch barreled M16A4 rifle.

6.8x45 UCC 10.5” vs 7.62x39 (AK) 16”

If you are a war fighter performing house to house operations and were armed with a 6.8 x 45-mm UCC 10.5” carbine, your adversary armed with the AK-47 would only have an “energy advantage” in the first one hundred yards and not by much.

6.8x45 UCC 16” vs 5.56 NATO 16”

This comparison is offered to show the advantage of the 6.8 x 45-mm UCC over a 5.56-mm NATO cartridge chambered weapon of the same barrel length (USMC M27).

6.8x45 UCC 16” vs 6.8 SPC 16”

This comparison is offered for the fans of the 6.8-mm Special Purpose Cartridge, an excellent cartridge for the AR15/M16/M4 weapon platform, to show the slight advantage the SPC has in muzzle energy over the 6.8 x 45-mm UCC. Although the 6.8 SPC has an approximately 50 feet per second velocity advantage, is it worth it for the increased cost and special components needed for the SPC.

6.8x45 UCC 16” vs 7.62x39 (AK) 16”

This comparison shows the potential advantage our war fighters would have over their adversaries if they were equipped with a 16” inch rifle chambered in the 6.8 x 45-mm UCC.

6.8x45 UCC 16” vs 300 BLACKOUT 16”

This comparison is offered for the fans of the 300 Black Out. The load used in this comparison was the best performing load we could find in the available load data. We understand the popularity of the 300 Blackout and realize it is mainly due to the increased energy this round delivers over the 5.56-mm, which we agree with. A great cartridge, it is however a short range load and is inadequate as a full 500-600 yard cartridge, and as can be seen in this comparison, it still won’t outperform the 6.8 x 45-mm UCC at any distance.