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Frequently Asked Questions- General

Q: Does KD make upper receiver groups in 223 Remington or 5.56-mm?

A: No, we only make weapon components that are chambered for cartridges we develop.

Q: Does KD make complete weapons?

A: Complete weapons are in development, expected in stock spring of 2016.

Q: I want to chamber my own barrel for my AR15, Where can I get a chamber reamer?

A: Chamber reamers for our cartridges are custom and proprietary to Kramer Defense and are not available to individual barrel makers. Additional barrel configurations will be available soon.

Q: Can I buy a barrel assembly to replace my existing 223 Remington barrel?

A: Barrel assemblies are not currently available as individual components.

Q: Does KD have a separate account for dealers?

A: Our dealer program is currently in development.